Whats On August 2008
"UFOs Down Under"
with Jeff Rense & AUFORN.com

For those who are interested in Australian UFO sightings tune into
www.rense.com this Saturday for 2 hours of "UFOs Down Under"
with me Diane Frola & my host Jeff Rense of www.rense.com

Time: 1.00 p.m Queensland time


Australian UFO Research Network News with Diane

then off to the red center of Australia to Elliott

1. UFO 'dive-bombs' couple car in the Northern Territory
Lawrie 70, and his wife Gwen, 69, were returning to their home town of
Elliott following a trip to Queensland last Friday when they say the UFO
swooped them as they drove along the Barkly Highway.

Eye witness - Police Officer testimony

2. UFO Triangle - Gold Coast Queensland
Observation: I was standing in my back lawn looking at the stars, the Southern Cross etc.
My dog(German Shepherd) standing beside me started growling.

then we travel down to the Hawesburry River NSW with my next 2 guests.

3. Hawkesbury River Creatures & UFOs

For centuries, the Dharuk people have spoken of the mighty ‘Mirreeulla’,
whose home is the Hawkesbury River near Sydney. Sightings of plesiosaur-
looking creatures in this river have continued to modern times, with some
estimating the creature at up to 15 meters (50 feet) long. If thats not
scary enough imagine fishing from a boat and seeing strange lights travel
very fast past you underwater then the lights break the surface and shoot
straight up into the heaven's....

Hope you can tune in

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