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Ufo’s,ExtraTerrestrials and there a connection?

How the great Pyramids of Egypt were built has been in interesting subject for debate for a very long time. The fact remains; nobody really knows for certain exactly how they were constructed.

through scientific study/research and small scale re-enactments, science has concluded that it would at least take a workforce of maybe 3500-5000 men approx 20 years or so to build these, using ramps, pulleys, ropes and of course-extreme manpower or force.

Take the Great Pyramid of Khufu for example; history states that the monument was built by the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu around the year 2560 BC, constructed to serve as a tomb when his time on earth was at the end, so he could journey to the afterlife. This great Pyramid is believed to have been constructed over a period of approximately 20 years. The site was first prepared, and then stone blocks were brought to the site and set in place. Although it is not known for certain how the blocks were set, Some theories have been put forward, for example Levers ( long levers with small pivot points), straight or spiral ramps using mud and water which helped to slide the extremely heavy blocks into position.

However, over our span of history, the Pyramids of Egypt have always stormed our minds, and many people believe that we were not the ones to actually build these perfect structures. Let’s take a look at a few questions, opinions and comments some people have raised.

If you take the perimeter of the pyramid and divide it by two times the height, you get a number that is exactly equivalent to the number pi (3.14159...) up to the fifteenth digit. The chance of this phenomenon happening by sheer coincidence is remarkably small. Did the ancient Egyptians know what the number pi was? Not likely, seeing as it was a number not calculated accurately to the fourth digit until the 6th century, and the pyramids calculate it to the fifteenth.

Each giant Stone ranges from 1 to 20 tons in weight, and the Great Pyramid consisted of well over 100,000 stones. But the Egyptians had no machinery, engines, or construction equipment.
Theories suggest the Egyptians built these pyramids, but this asks us how Egyptians hauled 20 ton stones and placed them perfectly Hundreds of Feet high. Some suggest they built a ramp with stones that went from the ground to the top.
The problem that seems to arise with that theory is that it would take More Rocks to build the ramp than it would to build the Pyramid. So when the Pyramid was done, what happened to the ramp rocks? Where did these rocks go?

What intrigues me is how did they move these extremely heavy rocks? Experts that insist Egyptians built the Pyramids suggest that trees were cut down and smoothed off, and were used as giant rollers under these 20 ton rocks. If you were to roll a 20 ton rock on 5 trees logs, The tree would be too worn down hence making it somewhat hard to haul another, so these logs would have to be replaced quite often maybe even after every Stone. Due to the fact there are over 100,000 stones that make up the pyramid, you would need an excess of a half million trees! Besides, how would a 20 ton rock make it to a considerable height on such a sand ramp, would it sink somewhat into the sand? Even with mud and stone? After all, technology wasn’t around to pack and compress sand ramps like road base.

Problem with this theory is the lack of trees in that area. Egypt grows some Date Trees, that's about it. And they certainly wouldn't cut down all their date trees, for dates are one of the main foods in Egypt.

What about the fact that even though the sides of the base of the pyramid are some 757 feet long, it still forms an almost perfect square? Every angle in the base is exactly 90 degrees. In fact, the sides have a difference in length of something like two centimetres, which is an incredibly small amount.

Although the Egyptians kept very careful records about everything they ever did; kings they had, every war they fought, and every structure they built, there were no records of them ever having built the pyramids? You would think the building of the greatest Pyramid would be discussed. The Pyramid was referred to a few times in very early Hieroglyphics. Egyptian writing suggests the Great Pyramid Was Standing before Egyptians Populated the Land. Ancient hieroglyphics have detailed writings of farming, giving birth, Pharaoh Worship, Hunting, Building Structures, etc, BUT the Building Of The Great Pyramid Was Never Mentioned.

During a discussion one evening with a group of friends, some came up with the idea that what if the Egyptian people found the Pyramids, and used them as tombs to protect their Kings and Pharaohs. A massive structure already made out of stone would be ideal, an impenetrable fortress that just required some form of sealing to stop thieves and intruders where they had set their King. However as we know they were penetrated by thieves as time went by taking the King or Queens Possessions.

Why is it that the great Pyramids of Giza, built in 3,000, are perfect, and still standing as tall as the day they were built? (Aside from the capstone and the polished stones, which were stripped by humans in the building of Cairo) or the perfection of the stone edges and with which they fit together- a knife blade cannot fit in between the stones.

The other Pyramids, which were supposedly built about 500 years later, all have shoddy masonry, and are crumbling down. An example of this is the famous 'bent' pyramid, which started out with the sides being built at one angle, then suddenly shifts in the middle to a shallower angle. Is this is because the angle at which it was started was much too steep for it to stand when finished? Or is it because the Egyptian pharaohs saw the great pyramids standing on their land and decided that they wanted pyramids of their own? Is it possible they wanted to build more of them after finding these astonishing structures on the land? Or did they try to replicate what was already there? But they found that it was much harder to do than was expected and ended up building structures that don't even come close to comparing with the magnitude of elegance emanating from the great pyramids.

One interesting feature about the pyramids is that they are anonymous in the fact that there are no known inscriptions on them. Also the stones are believed to have come from Southern Egypt and be brought up by boat. Then they were pulled on wooden slabs to the construction site. The precision of the pyramids are perfect and the weight of the stones would be too heavy to lift without a crane or some sort of technology. Some have speculated that aliens helped the Egyptians do this amazing feat, if they were in fact partially constructed by humans. Egyptologists like the theory that they used ramps and slopes to move the stones. Still that would be a massive task wouldn’t it.

There is thought to be a connection between the Cydonia region on planet Mars and Gaza with the pyramids of Egypt. The well known structure on Mars, like the Great Pyramid of Egypt, is aligned virtually north south towards the spin axis of the planet. Former NASA consultant Richard Hoagland argues that the Face on Mars is 'not merely the image of a terrestrial hominid...lying where it has no business being. One half (the right) is also the perfect image of a cat; specifically a lion - the king of beasts- the Sphinx is a lion-cat.

( for a more in depth view you will find some very interesting information by watching Hoagland’s Mars volume 1 *the Nasa-Cydonia Breifing* and volume 2 * The Terestrial Connection* )

The Egyptian city of Cairo which is built near the ancient pyramids of Gaza gets its name from an old Egyptian word which means *City of Mars*

Were amazing technologies available to the ancient Egyptians that enabled them to construct the pyramids - technologies that have somehow been either taken away from them, or were only available during the construction? Maybe we will never know the answer to that.

Others suggest the pyramids were built in the year 10 500 BC, that it has to do with Pyramids being built in accordance with star alignments for example the belt of Orion.

Although this fact is not as remarkable, the positioning of the three Pyramids of Giza are exactly aligned with the position of the three stars in the belt of Orion, both in position and in size. While it is possible, it would create many difficulties for the Egyptians in terms of measuring huge distances. Not only this, but in fact, at the time that the pyramids were supposedly built (about 3000 BC), the stars that make up the Belt of Orion were not exactly at the correct angle to match up with the pyramids. If the location of the stars is traced back over thousands of years, the time at which the belt is exactly aligned with the pyramids is in fact 10,500 BC. A time when there were supposedly no civilized humans living on the earth.

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So, is it possible that the Egyptian people found the Pyramids partially buried under the sand and dug them out? Or did they have some help to construct the amazing monuments.

The Pyramids are an amazing feat, a mysterious wonder, something that perhaps we may never get to really know the secrets they truly hold on how they were built for sure, or by whom. Nevertheless, it is something that’s to be truly appreciated by everyone whether you believe at all that it’s possible we had help building them or simply that humans found a way by themselves. This is maybe one of the reasons they draw us to them is so many different ways, would we see the pyramids in a different light if we knew for sure they weren’t constructed by man ? How would we react as a race if we knew for certain then that pyramids were built by another intelligence? Or for that matter why? After all, if they were built by our neighbours in outer space this shouldn’t be a disastrous event but seen as a privilege that they are still here for us to enjoy, to reflect upon and possibly to know we are not alone in the universe. I have a reasonably open mind; I like to think that anything is possible.

Out of curiosity I did a survey over a couple of weeks with people while out and about out in the street, asking them what they thought about who built the Pyramids, or did they think there was a connection between extra-terrestrials and Pyramids.

I chose to survey 150 people, surprisingly enough out of the 150, the result was quite unexpected, 117 people all mentioned to me they had no idea who built them, and either didn’t think it was done by humans or totally by ourselves without some form of help from beyond! I thought this was Remarkable!

Enjoy see you next issue.


September 2007 Ufo’s,ExtraTerrestrials and there a connection?

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