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Matthew Favaloro

Abduction to the far reaches of the mind

Matthew Favaloro

The UFO phenomena, like any covert operation builds instant distrust by it's very nature of secrecy and hidden agendas.

A new phenomena which I have called "Master / Slave" has come to the fore. An abductee's mind can become so messed up by ongoing abductions, mind scans, mis- information from the aliens that they look inside to the
spiritual sense of the abduction.

Such phrases as, "you are special", or "chosen", or "you are saving the human race from certain cataclysm", no matter, builds a "mission quest" into the psyche. This I feel stops the abductee going insane. (Often the search for deeper meaning and understanding in any experience either good or bad triggers the beginning of the healing process). You want to understand it.

Abductees have conveyed to us that the greys show them viewing rooms of earth's future, usually apocalyptic in nature and even give dates and events of pending disasters. (Most of the dates have come and gone.) The
disasters have simply not occurred.!

Women who get to see their hybrid children only at abduction time, start to look forward to the abductions no matter how terrified they are and no matter how terrifying the experience, so as to see their hybrid children in the longing to mother. An interesting phenomena is that in 80% of cases so far studied by us, where the abductee has an earth family of only girls, then the hybrid child shown them is a boy and if the abductee has an earth family of only boys, then the hybrid child shown them is a girl, this intensifies the abductees lost longing and need to bond with the hybrid child.

A Master/ Slave situation develops. Where the slave is very dependant on the master and actually is bound and conditioned to accepting the subjugation even to the point of total loyalty and love to the abductors.

Another point to the phenomena is the so called "Channeled Alien" also with messages relayed through a trance medium. Often these messages are of "love and light", often these messages are highly moralistic, sickly sweet and condemn mankind for some thing or another.

It is amazing how these messages contain God loves you stuff. It appears that God loves you but can't visit you personally but has to go through a trance medium and also has to sent by an extra terrestrial to boot !!!!!!!

Many people believe trance information as gospel (always from a higher unquestionable source) and the chance for a "Cult" developing is great. One only has to think back to the "Hale-Bopp" comet UFO mission and the people who killed themselves to join a UFO. All based on supposed channeled ET "love and light" messages.

The channeled stuff is an illusion, a masking to the seriousness of the abduction itself.

Abduction is not a nice spiritual word... is it.... Abduction means to be taken against your will...Abduction predominates in most UFO books, no other word in UFO lore has central agreement.

ABDUCTION... not vision, not invitation, not "See you at the coffee shop" but Abduction..........think about it folks !!!! Abduction is not a nice spiritual word... is it....!!!

I repeat, The UFO phenomena, like any covert operation builds instant distrust by it's very nature of secrecy and hidden agendas. Where there is no openness, there is no honesty.

Did One fly over the cuckoo's nest???? A new phenomena where you have the abductees running the support groups for other abductees, while well intentioned, the abductees can be lost in a maze of misinformation and
disinformation from the aliens and themselves.

Now mind you, a small minority of groups run by abductees do well and are necessary, simply because most main stream health professionals refuse to look at the phenomena and abductees have nowhere else to turn!

I was at a UFO conference where the validity of hypnosis was questioned. (fair enough) There is a vast difference between Hypnosis UFO research and Hypnotherapy.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have found that hypnotherapy and counseling has great value to an abductee. It is one thing for abductee running a support group to tell other abductees that they are okay, it is another, for a professional hypnotherapist / counselor to say that you are okay, but lets explore your experience further.

From our point of view, the abductees well being and sensibilities, always comes first and takes priority over the UFO material.

90% of most UFO groups focus on the UFO material, and will use a UFO hypnotist to retrieve the data. A UFO hypnotists job is not necessarily that of working with the abductee from a caring humanistic point, that of helping the abductee come through the experience. (A hypnotist is not necessarily a hypnotherapist)

That is why "Australia UFO Encounters" (My colleagues and myself) are not a UFO group per say. We are professionals offering our services to any abductee, and to all UFO groups who need help, support and our assistance.


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