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Matthew Favaloro
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In human nature, trends come and go, and in my opinion it appears that the Abductee, - it s trendy~ness has had its time, hit it’s peak and is now in decline. This in itself points to and ads clues to the abduction phenomena.

When abductions were at a peak my office would receive many calls from worried possible abductees who were looking for answers. Their message about alien abduction being certain, true and real for them.

Now, the phone barley rings, the email is quiet, those who do ring want instant phone therapy, instant answers and are unwilling to make an appointment to see me or my colleagues. Many have dreams about abduction and most transpersonalise their experience into something mystical and deeper and remain lost in the maze of the human psyche.

A lot have responsibility and money issues, and think that seeing a professional Hypnotherapist and counsellor in the UFO abduction field (rare as this help is) should be free of any charge. (Yes the myth is alive and well that professional therapists live on air) Even when we discount a therapy session financially to it s bear minimum in price, (a session can last up to three hours, and even in rare circumstances where we do the first one free) we still get complaints ! or no shows. So much so now, that it is not financially viable to help counsel Abductees. You simply can’t put three hours aside in the clinic only to have the abductee not turn up. It ends up sending the therapist broke. Simply put, they want the help but refuse to pay for this specialized service, let alone call to say they can’t make the appointment.

What happened before and now is that the Abductee would see their doctor, see a psychiatrist and in 98% of the time be institutionalized or heavily medicated. As main stream medical still regards alien abduction as a mental health problem. That free service of course, is courtesy in Australia of Medicare !

Now it may seem that I am complaining about abductees and money. I am not. I have found people with severe mental illnesses have no qualms about paying professionals , so that they can start to feel better when they know something is wrong. Whereas the abductee wants to feel better, know something is wrong but won’t seek help! Could the abductee be directed away from help by their abductors?

I know when I have gotten close to an important piece of information, the abductee switches off or can’t make the appointment, appears directed elsewhere, their mind vague, foggy. It is interesting to note with the phenomena that it is perfectly okay for them to see a six foot owl, somehow their conscious rational thoughts accepts that as ordinary. This too is another clue.

When the componant of counselling and therapy with this phenomena is left to the lay person, then it is in my opinion, in danger of never being solved, with the abductee never being helped.

I feel that most abductees are directed by their captors and rarely have control or choice in how to handle or come to terms with the phenomena. Are the captors alien? We have been lead to believe so almost to the point that when that message is firmly delivered, the abductees stop coming. Yep, another clue. Are therapists and the UFO community being lead up the garden path? And if so by whom?

Lets break down some experiences. Usually, we have subjective / objective. Subjective is how the abductees feel, their internal experience, their internal thoughts and conclusions about the phenomena, and their strategy and coping skills. Objective is the experience itself. Whether alien or engineered to appear alien.

Transpersonal experiences, from abduction, such as seeing God, having mission, a sense of celestial service, channeling, and drawings / paintings that emerge from the subconscious mind does not prove aliens nor answers, or allows us to glean alien abduction or technology.

Sad but true, until we have an alien plus ship we will be in the dark on this one, with many a merry walk down the proverbial garden path.

Is the military involved ? The government? The only thing we can say for certain is that whoever they are they all have their own agenda and sub agendas. Every one has a different piece of the puzzle thinking they have the whole puzzle. With most UFO groups greedy to hold onto their bit (again human nature) of the puzzle.

Once we were invited to conferences and seminars on UFO s and abductions but not anymore, now the silence is deafening, has been for some time.

It seems that any objective questioning of this phenonema away from popular subjective mystical transpersonal experiences of the abductee is shunned.

Where do we go from here? If you are reading this and think or know you are an abductee, then I ask you this. If you shun help from those who can, are you really in control? If you run a UFO group and don’t network with other professionals, then why not ?

Maybe, the abductee needs to fight every instinct and seek us out so as to break this other control. But in what appears to be puppetry, from another source, maybe their mission was to convince us of Aliens, now that their mission is fulfilled, they are no longer needed. Yep another clue. Then the question is not about whom but “who” instigated the phenomena and “why”.

Source: The Australasian Ufologist Magazine Vol. 6 No.1 Pgs 24-25


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