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Matthew Favaloro
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Of all the species on this planet, only human beings have a „spirituality‰. We, as a collective race, pray, congregate, worship and in essence from the beginning, created many Gods. No other life form on this planet behaves that way, not even our genetically closest primates. Because we can reflect and search for deeper meaning, only human beings fight and kill over the  most insignificant things to our deeply held beliefs be it religious or otherwise. Only human beings kill for no reason at all.

When you look at alien abductions / encounters, not even the aliens have a spirituality. The only time they appear to have a „human‰  theology is when  they „mirror‰ back an abductees beliefs to the abductee in a way that generates cohesion and conforming. Such mirroring is automated and in no way reflects the beliefs of  aliens. In fact, the aliens behave more like insects, or robots in formation and action than what we would expect from sentient life forms.

It is human to create God even alien ones and we see this time and time again with abductions, in fact our search for deeper meaning and the so called „spiritual purpose‰ of aliens has abducted the whole ufo phenomena.  It appears that the altruism of alien intervention is purely a human invention.

What people don't know, the mind makes up. In other words, when we have a gap in something we don't know we automatically hypothesise, this fills the gap in our minds and stops us worrying about the missing incongruent bits. Then fantasy fills in the gaps and this then becomes our new real reality.

An alien experience, gets built upon with the minds imaginings and you then get Star Children DNA, Purpose, Armageddon, God loves you stuff, and it then becomes hard to discern the event from the constructs built into this experience by human nature.  The only competition that the UFO phenomena seems to have is the imaginings found in Sci-Fi

I know that this article is not in line with „popular‰ thinking. But if we look to the imaginings, the constructs added to the phenomena, and see them as real, then we get lost in an endless maze of illusions. I am not saying that the core experiences are fantasy, but the experience is built upon in a fantasy way,  as a way of protecting the mind from going mad.  Examples: „ the reason they abducted me was to save the human race‰,  to harvest my DNA, or to give me an important mission, or to become a channel for the love of our alien brothers‰. Whatever the reason, the reason is not real.

Science has put ufo abductions all down to sleep paralysis, but this does not account for the physical side of the abduction phenomena. The scars, body marks, radiation et. Nor does it explain physical portability. Example: One minute the car was going west and then it was found on a different highway going east. Or after an experience, the car had fine white dust over it and the dog went mad. Environmental factors, if they don't fit into the sleep paralysis argument are simply not put in as part of the equation and it is neatly discarded. Science has gone a long way to discredit therapeutic help for the abductees / experiencer unless it is hospitalisation or drug related therapy. Hypnosis came under there fire and now the scientists are happy to claim sleep paralysis or false memory building as the answer to all abduction experiences. 

UFO researchers are rarely rational and abductees are less so from their experience. Unfortunately, the experience can mirror many forms of  mental illness and UFO researchers are too quick to jump on everything they are told by an alleged abductee as real.  They have to check the abductee or experiences background and have an arsenal of people they can refer to, but this also rarely happens as the researchers themselves are guilty of wanting to keep this elusive holy grail to themselves.

They hang on every word and then when imaginings add to the experience this too is taken as real. UFO cults thrive and you can see this with any web search over the internet. The researcher has to be part detective, part sceptic, and part scientist. Too many pop theories become fact, as well as second hand knowledge. Example: I heard from a friend who heard from a reliable source that aliens bleed a green vicious fluid.

UFO researchers rarely network. Rarely help and wonder why they do not get support from the community! Beware of abductee groups they may be dangerous and form the seeds of cults. If you have had an experience avoid them like the plague. How many ufo abductee groups share their knowledge.. The answer is none. 

UFO researches are also guilty of this. Sure you will read a case study, usually five to ten years after the event making it almost impossible to follow up. The internet is full of ufo imaginings. Very hard to find up to the minute data. Check this and see for yourself.

Who can you trust? Unfortunately, this is hit or miss for the experiencer. Who can help you unfortunately, this is hit or miss for the experiencer. What will you learn? Nothing! The UFO phenomena will remain a mess for some time. Probably forever.  How can you help. Possibly networking with magazines like this one. And possibly by not hording the information to yourself.

Source: The Australasian Ufologist Magazine Vol. 7 No.5 Pgs 16-17


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