Source: THE NEWS © April 5th

"I didn't believe in all this space talk, but now I am convinced I photographed a flying object of monstrous size," Mr Walter Jacob's said today
Mr. Jacobs a stewards on the freighter Iron Duke which berthed at Port Adelaide on Saturday, took seven pictures of a bright orange object in the sky off South - East coast on the night March 17th.

Mr Jacobs disagreed with statements that the object in his picture could have been an aeroplane using a strong spotlight or a satellite illuminated by the moon.

"It was much to big and moved to quick too quickly for an aircraft. The light was bright orange nothing like a spotlight," he said.

The photo clearly showed the object was infront of the moon.

Picture shows Mr Jacobs with his camera and a print of the object
Two Clouds

Mr. G. P. Danvers, of Cheltenham, today re ported having seen the similar "object" over Adelaide about the same time . He was conducting a Mini-Tour Party at Observation Point when they sighted a light orange coloured "flying saucer." It appeared to be spinning around the moon. As the party watched it slowly changed shape, and was ultimately revealed to be two dark clouds parting with the moonlight breaking through the gap.

He said today the wind affecting the edge of the cloud was believed to have made the "flying Saucer" to appear to spin round the moon.