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January 2010

Received on 30/01/2010 23:09:26

31.01.10 MOOROOPNA (VIC) 22:30hrs
Source: AUFORN Online report form
Witness: Miss. Nicole
Number of witnesses present: yes
Sighting Duration: 20 minutes
Occupation: Personal Carer

Observation: I observed an object similar to a bright star moving across the sky over my house. The object looked the same coming towards me as it did going away. The object dimmed and lightened numerous times and then shot up off into the sky. Approx. 5 min later it reappeared on a different course and as we watched it disappears.

Description: there was no sound. It looked like a giant star but was much to low. When it reappeared it was heading in a different direction. (1st time going west to east and on reappearing it was going south to north )

Location: Above the town of Mooroopna Victoria - Other Witnesses: My children witnessed the object. However we did see it the previous night heading west to east in a different part of the sky, other witnesses present on this evening 30 1 2010 - Apparent Size: Dinner Plate - Altitude: it was fairy high up. but on the 30 Jan 2010 is was at a lower altitude - Object Origin: from west to east then south to north Object Destination: disappeared to the west and then into the north. - Moon Visible: the moon was out, there were no clouds, and was a full moon so it was bright. when the object disappeared it was heading in the direction of the moon north/east. - Moon Size Comparison: a lot smaller then the moon it looked about the size of a dinner plate in the sky. - Planets Visible: minimal stars are visible because of the brightness of the moon. - Weather Visibility: Clear Warm Calm.

Received on 13/01/2010 01:35:30

11.01.10 PERTH (WA) 08:00hrs
Source: AUFORN Online report form
Witness: Mr. Chris
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 30 seconds
Occupation: Radiologist

Observation: I saw a UFO above my house a bright white light shun down. Then it flew straight up really fast and was gone instantly. looked like it was really close to my house. - Description: looked like it was spinning. - Apparent Size: Dinner Plate. - Actual Size: quite large like a plane. - Altitude: tree top height then rose. - Object Origin: straight above. - Object Destination: straight above. Weather Visibility: Clear Pleasant Sunny Breezy.

Received on 12/01/2010 14:47:23

11.01.10 PARKES (NSW) 21:30 to 22:00hrs
Source: AUFORN Online report form
Witness: Mr. D.W & K
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 2 hours
Occupation: Sales

Observation: My partner and I were having a cigarette in our friends shed in Parkes as it was a very hot day and the night wasnt much better. We had sat out there looking at the night sky every night for 5-7 days as it is a big sky here in Parkes and is quite beautiful. The previous night we had witnessed an electrical storm in a small bunch of clouds that went on for about an hour we watched it for and the amazing was was that there wasnt another cloud in the sky.

The night previous to that I had noticed a glow over the hill and asked April what could that be She answered possibly lightning. I looked around at our perfectly clear night and so that answer didnt make sense to me. So I shrugged it off. It turned out to be a friends house burning down! So back to the night of the 11th I was looking in the same direction as the small hill was heading into Parkes where we saw the house burning and I noticed what looked like a tower with safety lights on it. A white light at the top and 4 other lights 2 blue and 2 red and they were vertical to the ground making it appear like a tower as I first thought.

Once again I asked April if there was such a tower she knew of as we had been out here for nearly a week every night and I didnt notice this tower before. We went through the different possibilities and none of them seemed right and the situation got very interesting as it became obvious these lights at least the red and blue ones were heading what appeared to be straight up. I say appeared as it could have been coming straight toward us but being so far off seemed like up. All of a sudden these two pairs of lights took off at amazing speed directly at us above high in the night sky. At first we thought it was about 3 minutes for this pair to get from side of the night sky to the other.

The night sky here is like any outback vast spance of land its big huge!! So to see this thing go that fast across so much sky in such a short space of time was incredible. The reaction you would have from seeing what we were looking at was like the best fireworks display youhave ever seen times a thousand. Neither April or I could believe what we were seeing.

The first two UFOs we saw flew a distance apart from each other at the same speed. As I said above we first thought three minutes it took them to reach the other side of the sky, but the third UFO we watched do the same thing in the opposite direction. This was the only UFO out of the 7 in total we saw go in that direction it seemed like it was just moving positions, the others all headed in the same direction as each other. The patterns they displayed in their behaviour was exactly the same. This becomes even more interesting when you come to understand it wasnt just the 7 we saw move so fast, but we counted about 30 of them. They were all at the same height, they were in a zig zag formation totally surrounding us. (I hesitate using the word "surrounding as it seems so dramatic like a western or something). It comes back to the patterns they displayed they were in a circle around Parkes area and our house was in the centre. They were in the top half of the first third of the horizon.

Each of the 7 would take a bit of time to move to a point they would take of so fast in fact the third UFO I tried to video on my phone I could see it clearly on my screen but when I replayed it it wasnt there. The whole time were trying to come up with explanations for what we were witnessing. But as the situation unfolded and we realised the patterns and how many and how fast they moved nothing stacked up. We could only watch and wonder what tomorrow would bring.

The fourth UFO that took off I actually got on my phone from the time on the video it was only 30 seconds to get from one side to the other!! So fast that I lost it on the video and it was already past half way across the sky. After the first two we saw fly together, the only ones to do this, we called out to K to come out and see if we were seeing things or had just gotten excited over a moving satellite or something.

K came out and at first I just pointed out the formation around us, I explained the flashing blue and red lights I explained that it couldnt be a helicopter as they can hover but not move that fast I explained that its obviously not a shooting star as these didnt burn out and they were obviously lights, I explained how you could tell the difference between a star and these things, I explained that only jets or possibly a concord to move that fast but they could not hover and the last I knew they were no longer in use, K got on the phone and called a friend in Qld but he couldnt see the formation and until another one took off he wouldnt find it easy to see these things. We turned off the lights in the house and this made it very obvious the 20-30 of them in their positions. Just then the third one took off the same as the others and I started filming on my phone I could see the UFO on my phone but when I replayed it later it wasnt on the film.

At that point I called my dad in Tasmania and he couldnt explain what it could be he suggested a fire reflecting off the stars but that didnt explain the other behaviour. While I was talking to him, the fourth one took off and I was explaining to him how fast it was going and the flashing lights. I once again filmed while I talked to him by the time it was half way across the sky id lost it and had to turn around to film again but it was too fast and I couldnt film him.

The next pattern that appeared only exception was the one that flew in the opposite direction was that they were one at a time breaking or moving in the formation and they came from the same end of the zig zag pattern. This was very obvious when by the end of this whole event there was a big hole in the sky were there were 6 stars before.

We witnessed a fifth UFO head in the same direction the interesting thing about this one was that when it came to the other side of the circle 2-3 UFO lit up brighter and you could see the red and blue lights flashing once it had passed the were less as obvious. We couldnt make out a clear shape but they seemed to be triangular sometimes giving off a faint vapour as they shot through the sky.

Our first reaction was fear having not seen anything like this before and it was like they were on the move. After the third UFO I figured fear didnt have to be our reaction and it was frightening K and April also so I mentioned to them we dont have to be fearful lets just watch and see what happens.

By this time it was obvious that it was about 15-20 minutes between each UFO moving across the sky.

The fact that there was an obvious formation was quite overwhelming like what could we do about it I had never done any research into UFOs other than watching a few documentaries on people who believed maybe been abducted and a bit on those that made believers look stupid. I thought if I needed to be looking into UFOs I would be prompted so Im taking this as a prompt.

The other thing we saw was what appeared to be a cluster of about 6-7 UFOs in a formation shaped like either a Xmas tree or a cylinder tilted away from us. This cluster moved position slowly up and to the left. It stayed in that position for the rest of the night and Im keen to look tonight to see if it really was just stars.

By the last UFO the owner of the house arrived home from work and coming in from the car was wondering why three of us had our necks bent to the sky probably because we had been like that for about 2 hours. She had a similar reaction tried to explain it by saying that planes from Sydney fly over here all the time but when I explained that might be true but they dont hover in the sky for two hours because each of the 7 UFOs were quite clearly in one position we had been watching the blue and red lights from and they each took off. After that she dismissed the event and understandably wanted to get home from work relax and go to bed after all it was 1 am or so by then.

After that no more UFOs moved and toward the end of the event the formation dimmed down the sky had wisps of cloud and one or two could have moved in that last hour period because I wasnt as fixated on the sky by then. By the fourth UFO moving I was totally transfixed on the sky. April asked if we could go into town for some chocolate it took her 30 minutes to get through to me. I finally said to her go get the keys and drag me to the car she starting pulling my arm as she had already had the keys in her hand.

In town we pulled up in the service station and there was a guy having a smoke on the footpath looking at the stars I asked him if he was watching the light show. He hadntt seen anything. As I described to him what we had just seen it was obvious to me when he said we must be getting invaded that he thought I was a nutter. Besides you couldnt see the sky any more than the lights and trees and building allowed you to.

This was the other interesting thing to me here is this amazing event going on and everyone was either in bed or watching TV. Not a lot of people sitting on their farms looking at the sky for two hours.

Received on 11/01/2010 21:50:05

11.01.10 BUDDINA (QLD) 20:00hrs
Source: AUFORN Online report form
Witness: Mr. Rayan
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 3 minutes
Occupation: Sales.

Observation: I noticed a moving object in the sky at first glance it appeared to be a star, but it was moving at quite a fast pace- and there were no flashing lights which would indicate it to be a plane.

I alerted the person I was with at the time, and we were watching it fly in the north direction. Around 30 seconds later, I noticed a second moving object, which I quickly pointed out. The object was flying directly behind the first- in a straight line. It was the same size- and going the same speed.

The objects moved, one behind the other in the northern direction. All of a sudden the second object halted, and its colour faded to a very dim light, it then proceeded to change direction and began flying the way it came, from the south.

The second object gradually faded from sight and disappeared. We waited a few minutes after, and the sky was still- no movement. - Description: The second object froze in the sky, its colour faded to the colour of the sky, like a camouflage for around 15 seconds, then it returned to its original colour, before moving back in the direction it came.

It then faded again- back to the dull colour and disappeared. - Location: We were at the point of Undara and Cuburra Streets in Buddina.

Actual Size: The object looked a considerable size up- higher than the usual plane. The size of it would be too hard to determine- it looked like the same size of a star in the sky- only it was moving faster then a plane- it wasn't a shooting star. From where we were, in the sky it looked like the size of a star. - Altitude: Higher then the average plane. Over 30 000 feet. - Object Origin: It came from the south- the first object (when thinking geographically) looked to be moving up the coastline (to the north). The second object was following, then went the opposite direction (the south). - Object Destination: Object 1: North (towards Noosa) - Object 2: South (towards Caloundra). - Moon Visible: We did not notice the moon at all. - Moon Size Comparison: As previously stated, the objects were as big as a star in the sky. - Planets Visible: Yes To the North- Orions Belt. Also Object 1 flew past a brighter red star/planet (could be Venus or Mars-- not too sure). Weather Visibility: Clear, Hot, Calm. - Viewing Aids: No, we had a mobile phone but it would have been too far away to capture.

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